Features: Ride On Scale: 1:5
Brand Name: xiaomi State of Assembly: Almost Ready
Control Channels: 2 Channels  






Dual-use: slide & bicycle


Ergonomic design ,exercise balance


Simply complete mode conversion


Suitable for 1-5 years children with height range 90cm- 110cm


Maximum load capacity: 25kg



General Brand: Xiaomi
Item No.:KD-12
Color: Yellow & White
Product information Type:Sliding and riding
Front and rear wheel center distance: 588mm
Maximum load capacity: 25kg
Cushion height: 342mm~436mm
Dimension Size: 880x560x430mm
Package content 2 x Pedals
1 x 15mm Open Wrench
1 x 4/5/6mm Hexagon Wrench
1 x Extention Gas nozzle
1 x Flywheel case
1 x Seat extension rod
1 x Five-way protective cover

Xiaomi MiJia Portable 12 Inches QiCycle Bike Tricycle Scooter with Slide