- Built-in Battery: Teamgee hides a high-performance battery inside the deck, which makes him look like a regular longboard. Just only two hours to fully charge, and let you fly up to 10 miles (depending on body weight).
- Speed: Double Rear wheel Drivetrain with no bulky external motors, the H6 has a perfect look & smooth acceleration, fast but always sfe ride up to 18.5 MPH and make hill climbing easy ( Max support 20 degree).
- Perfect Control: H6 has a easy use wireless remote that controls from acceleration / deceleration / backwards / brake; Teamgee Remote Control has 2 riding modes to make it safe for any rider, from novice to expert.
- High Quality Deck: Teamgee Skateboard consists of 11 layers tough maple wood, 4 durable polyurethane wheels, max load can up to 220lbs/100kg. Teamgee electric skateboard is solid but flexible, and you can be used for a long time.

*This Teamgee Electric Longboard is the best choices you may find in the category of electric Skateboards. 
*It is obvious that this board has a sleek design, the battery is disguised into the deck and you will think this is a regular longboard. 
*But turns out it is a solid built, great performance, low center of gravity, versatile, Last Mile Vehicle you may find in this market.

Max Range: 10 miles 
Top speed: 18.5 MPH
Low-speed mode: 11 MPH 
High-speed mode: 18.5 MPH 
Max climb angle: 15-20°
Max load: 220 pounds (100 kg)
Operation temperature: 5 °F to 104 °F(-15 °C to 40 °C)
Note: Actual performance will be affected by user's weight, road conditions, and battery level

Skateboard Size
Deck Length: 37 inch
Deck Thick: 0.7 inch
Deck Wide: 8.9 inch
Height: 5.3 inch
Net weight: 14 lbs
Wheelbase: 31 inch
Wheel:3.27 inch x 2.05 inch

Capacity: 3.5 Ah
Type: 36V Lithium battery
Weight: 2 pounds 
Charge time: 2 hours

Wireless remote controller
Capacity: 450 mAh
Battery type: Lithium battery
Charge time: 2 hours
Battery duration: 6-8 hours
Type: 2.4G RF Technology

Deck: 11 layers maple
Wheel: PU
Wheel Hardness: 83 A
Other: Alloy

Brand Teamgee
Model -
Quantity 1 set
Material Metal + ABS


Packing List

1 x User Manual
1 x Electric Skateboard
1 x Wireless Remote Controller
1 x Adapter and Charger
1 x T tool
1 x Gift led tail light

Teamgee Electric Skateboard | 37" Portable Motorized Penny Board - Black