- BUY SAFE! BUY UL2272! OTTO hoverboard is entirely safe with UL2272 certified which passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, featuring in overheat, low battery and over-speeding protection, low weight protection(44lbs), slope protection, and anti-fire.etc. It also comes with certified UK chargers which are compliant with BSI 1365. Our strict quality control ensures it is entirely safe and long-lasting, makes it ideal for players to have fun without potential fire hazards!
- NEW 2018 HOVERBOARD TECHNOLOGY. Small wheel limits hoverbaord to areas with wide, this 6.5'' Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter can go through all uneven paths. Comes with LED headlight and low battery warning indicator for all purpose. The non-skid foot-pad gives your feet a solid grip to the board allowing you to effortlessly glide through corners with full and precise control, maximum load-bearing can be up to 227lbs.
- UPDATED SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM. Professional gyroscope, acceleration sensor and servo-control system delivers you an incredibly steady and ultra-smooth ride. Go forwards, backwards and even SPIN, every motion, from start to stop, is powered by dynamic equilibrium, which allows riders easily control the board by shifting your body weight.
- REACH NEW HEIGHTS.  OTTO has Strong 250W Dual Motors helping it climb slopes as steep as 16 degree and Maximum Riding Mileage 10-18km range on a single charge(Depends on terrain,riding habits and load) Travel freely around the city without being bound to the schedule of trains and metros! Have fun with your friends and family!

Brand OTTO
Model -
Quantity 1 set
Material ABS + Metal

OTTO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter UL2272 Certificated - Black