Gooooaaaal! Featuring the depth of a professional-style and size soccer goal/cage, our training goal combines three ways to play—and practice—into one! Kids can use it as a goal/cage or easily switch out the panels to practice rebounder or target shots. It makes for fantastic outdoor active play and encourages kids to hone some of the most important soccer skills. Regardless of your soccer star's skill level, they benefit from this multi-pronged sport set. Develop, refine, and perfect dribbling skills, aiming, agility, speed, and more.

This set makes it easy to get kids (and adults) off the couch and outside in the fresh air to engage in active play. Burn energy and build muscles as a family or kids can practice solo; families that play together form strong bonds that last a lifetime. Playing together reinforces a team mindset and good sportsmanship while building stronger hearts and bodies for the whole family.

Disney 3-in-1 Soccer Training Set For Kids